Instructions for the preparation of the contributions

  • First and foremost, we are calling for original research manuscripts. We consider all original research manuscripts provided that the work reports scientifically, soundly and provides a substantial amount of new information. Secondly, concise and precise updates on the latest progress made in a given area of research can be submitted as well. Such manuscripts in a form of focused systematic reviews should follow the PRISMA guidelines.

  • Regular paper length is from 6 to 12 pages including abstracts, acknowledgments, and references. 

  • All papers are accepted through the Easychair system only. Please do not send your article by mail. You have to be registered in the Easychair system in order to submit your contribution. You can create your Easychair account, if you do not have one, following this guide and the account creation page. Use the HED Easychair site to submit your manuscript.
  • Use the HED template to prepare your paper. Please follow the instructions and text styles of the template. The template is prepared as ".dotx" file (MS Word template for MS Word 2010 and newer) with the predefined text styles. Do not change the predefined styles, borders or other settings of the template. An incorrect format can be the reason for paper rejection. 

  • We recommend writing the paper in our template from the beginning. Use the insert option "insert only text" or "merge format" if you need to copy the text from a different document. As a second option, you can copy the text into the Notepad program and then copy it into the Word template.

  • Please update or improve your paper according to the reviewers´ suggestions if the paper is returned to you (conditional acceptance). Please highlight the text you changed by yellow color (MS Word text highlight color tool) and upload the revised version of your paper into the Easychair system. Please follow these steps to update your paper or registration:

    1. Login at the HED submission web and select "author" option in case you have more roles available.

    2. All submissions sent to the conference are displayed on the main page after a successful login. Every paper has a column labeled as Information. The word "information" has a link to the paper details, please click on it.

    3. Click on the "Update file" option on the right side menu. You can also update your registration information (updates paper title, payment details etc.) by clicking on the "Update information" option in the same menu.

    4. Select an updated file on your computer and upload it by the Submit button.

  • Please check our Malpractice statement and responsibilities page to be sure your contribution complies with the conference rules.

  • If you want to present your paper as a poster, we recommend using free powerpoint scientific poster templates for A1 format or A0 format.