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March 31 - April 1, 2022

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Submission deadline: 17 December, 2021

Jul. 2021: HED proceedings 2021 are indexed in the Web of Science.



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The University of Hradec Králové, in cooperation with the Wrocław University of Economics, and the Cracow University of Economics, invites you to the 20th Hradec Economic Days. This year we are joined by two conference organizing partners: the University of South Bohemia Technology Transfer Office and the Centre for Investment, Development and Innovation.


Two conference workshops are co-funded by the EEA Funds 2014-2021 Education Program (31 March) and the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union (1 April).



Aims & Scope of the conference

The conference focuses on economic and managerial topics since 2002. For its 20th anniversary, we would like to invite not only guests from academia but also representatives of companies and the public sector. The aim is to bring together the commercial and academic spheres. The conference has the ambition to become a platform for networking, to present the potential of collaboration with the research community on innovations, pathways of commercialization, consultations of own topics for solutions in the field of business processes. 

On the second day of the conference we offer (in the Czech language):

  • academics an introduction to the support for the creation of applied results, commercialization opportunities, contacts from practice, which may be useful for consulting business plans or cooperation in the submission of applied research projects. 
  • companies to meet experts from their research fields, to keep in touch with new technology developments, to acquire tools, methods and procedures that increase the productivity of their operations, to discuss and try out selected tools (we offer the possibility of individual consultations in the field of law, regulatory, corporate processes). The meeting can help to recruit employees/temporary workers from among students. We will provide qualified information on knowledge transfer procedures from academia to practice, i.e. the possibility of commercialization of know-how at the university, cooperation with academia within various project schemes. Last but not least, a personal meeting at the university premises will also bring contacts with experts in selected fields. 
  • students an insight into the business environment, the opportunity to present their own plans through posters, find out information about the possible further direction and development of the topic. 

In general, the conference promotes an exchange of ideas and contacts of academicians from different fields of interest. Besides, it offers opportunities to meet and talk with experts from practice.  For example, representatives of the Czech National Bank and entrepreneurs who traditionally participate in the conference. The primary goal of the conference is to present both theoretical and empirical papers in the field of economy, business economics, management, and economics-related modeling. Please see the track topics for further details. Moreover, there will be a special matchmaking workshop focused on technology transfer topic. More details will be available in October.

Publication opportunities

All accepted papers will be included in the proceedings that are available at the conference. The proceedings are every year send to the Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index evaluation. The proceedings of previous HED conferences are indexed in the Web of Science (Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Social Science & Humanities). 

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How to participate

  1. An author in session: the most common and most welcome way, for those who want to arrive, present a paper, discuss and enjoy evening banquet.
  2. An audience at the conference: for those who want to arrive, discuss their research issues, or just want to hear about others' research. Our sessions are a very good opportunity for it and our evening banquet even better one.
  3. An author with a poster or MS teams participation: for those who cannot travel to Hradec Králové (funds, time, quarantine) yet would like to present and discuss their paper. For such participants, we offer participation in the session via MS Teams or they can send their paper poster which will be available through the whole conference in the poster session.  

Please find more details on a page for authors and audiences