Hradec Economic Days is a series of English written, single-blind peer-reviewed articles from the Hradec Economic Days conference. The series is assigned E-ISSN 2464-6067 (ISSN Online) and ISSN 2464-6059 (print version is discontinued and only the electronic edition is available since April 2020). Each article is reviewed by at least two reviewers recruited from the Scientific Committee or being supervised by a committee member and being experts in the field of the article. An additional review is provided in case of contradictory reviews. The final decision is being made by editors (see below) respecting foremost peer-reviews and ethics rules of Hradec Economic Days. The series publishes high-quality conference articles since 2011. The electronic edition (web archive, open-access repository, flash drives) is published annually at the beginning of April which is our new publishing month since 2020. February was our publishing month since the beginning until 2019, no publishing delay occurred yet. Hradec Economic Days series has assigned DOI identifiers for each article since 2019. Individual articles can be found by the DOI in the DSpace open-access repository. The repository also serves the purpose of access preservation to the series content in the event the series is no longer published.

Aims and scope for the series consist of several key research areas: Economics, Business Administration, and Management. Precise aims and scope can be found in greater detail here. The last group of aims and scope differs each year because Hradec Economic Days are covering the most recent topics and stress different areas each year. A new group of aims and scope is published in September, i.e. 6 months before the series issue is published. Please find a topic for the next issue here as the next conference subtitle. The series publishes theoretical articles as well as application-oriented papers. There can be published review articles (systematic literature review) as well, yet original research papers are strongly preferred. Please read carefully and follow the instructions on the Instruction for the Contribution Preparation page where you can find also publishing fee details. The publishing fee covers the inclusion of an accepted article in the series and serves as well as a one-person entrance fee for the Hradec Economic Days conference.


  1. Editor-in-chief Petra Marešová: Scopus author ID: 35622548500, ORCID: 0000-0002-1218-501X, Vice-rector, University of Hradec Králové,
  2. Editor Krzysztof Firlej: academic CV, Head of the Department, Cracow University of Economics 
  3. Editor Ivan Soukal: Scopus author ID: 37017350400, ORCID: 0000-0003-3468-0270, Assistant professor, University of Hradec Králové,


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