First and foremost, we are calling for original research manuscripts. We consider all original research manuscripts provided that the work reports scientifically, soundly and provides a substantial amount of new information. Secondly, concise and precise updates on the latest progress made in a given area of research in a form of focused systematic reviews are considered as well. Such manuscripts should follow the PRISMA guidelines. The detailed list of topics the conference is focused on but not limited to is provided below:

1. Track: Business Economics

  • COVID impact and post-pandemic business recovery
  • Accounting and taxes recent development
  • Business performance management
  • Corporate finance and governance
  • E-business, digital services, fintech
  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • Social business and entrepreneurship
  • Tourism business

2. Track: Agribusiness 

  • Economics and management of agricultural production
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Grants and subsidiary policies in agriculture
  • Agrarian international trade challenges 

3. Track: Global Challenges for Macroeconomic Agenda

  • Economic growth in the shadow of global change
  • Sources of instability and the next crisis
  • Innovation and country competitiveness
  • Labor market changes
  • Fiscal and monetary policy challenges
  • Bank system challenges and legal framework
  • Sustainable energy mix

4. Track: Public Economics, Administration

  • Health economics and public health management
  • Economics and management of cities and regions
  • Socio-economic aspects of e-government and public administration informatics
  • Regional disparities
  • Smart cities and IoS

5. Track: Modern Trends in Corporate Administration 

  • Pandemic implications for public administration including various perspectives
  • Applications of psychology in business 
  • Corporate and public social responsibility
  • Corporate governance and strategic management
  • Enterprise communication systems, social networking sites, and other organization communication innovation
  • IT managers and IT professionals challenges in various types of organizations
  • Ethical values and anti-discrimination policies
  • On-job and off-job learning and educational challenges 
  • Family firm management
  • Job satisfaction
  • Organizational environment

6. Track: Mathematical Models of Economic Systems

  • Econometrics
  • Financial modeling
  • Economic and management process modeling
  • Operations research
  • ICT multidisciplinarity modeling
  • Simulation

7. Track: Technology Transfer and Science Management

  • Commercialization intellectual property protection
  • Open science, open innovation
  • Spin-off
  • Technology transfer office efficiency
  • Technology transfer at universities

E-session on Current International Issues and Global Challenges in Business, Economy, and Management

  • Pandemic induced reduction in economic activity - depth, duration, and disproportionate impacts on economic sectors
  • Human resource management under non-conventional conditions
  • Corporate responsibility in the globalized world
  • Global innovation challenges
  • The role of agriculture in rural development