The presentation of archaeology is one of the long-term activities pursued by the Department of Archaeology at the FF UHK. A number of presentation activities which were implemented by R. Tichý, were crowned by the foundation of the Archaeopark of Prehistory in Všestary, which now serves as the main venue for addressing the public and sharing our ideas about life in prehistory. The axis of the presentational and educational activities at the archaeopark are educational programmes for primary and secondary school students and the regularly held Days of Living Archaeology aiming at the broad public.

Apart from the archaeopark, our strong points also include the presentation of La Tène material culture (see the attached photo gallery). We own a large collection of copies of various La Tène finds which cover the full spectrum of activities and needs of life in that period. We use them not only in education, but also for various public presentations.

Instruction in presentation and relationships between archaeology and the public, both at the theoretical and practical level, is an integral part of education of archaeology students.